Flying dragonfly

Birds - bats - moors and maar lakes

A natural history bike excursion

Observing marine birds in the Eifel - is that possible? We take a closer look at the subject and discover the Sangweiher by bike.

From 15 € / person

What is flying and crawling around?

A fascinating excursion to the varied world of insects

There has to be a system - especially with more than million species of insects. Biology divides them into more than 30 groups. Who belongs to who and how can we recognise them?

From 7 € / person

Our companions in nature

The Eifel is an attractive holiday destination for nature fans, groups and families. Varied fauna and flora are waiting to be discovered during your holiday stay.

Spend your holidays here and experience a unique area of natural beauty. Go with our guides on walking, cycling and GPS tours taking you to see the characteristic and very special features of plants and wildlife. Whether you come as a family with children or as a group of people just with an interest in nature, wanting to discover our upland area on your travels, we can offer you an exclusive experience in tune with nature.
Nature conservation has a long tradition in the Eifel. Therefore you will be able to observe many rare animal and plant species in the Vulkaneifel, the Rureifel, the Nordeifel or in the High Fens during your holiday. Travelling in spring, you can hike through the river valleys of the Nordeifel and Rureifel and admire the impressive sea of blossoms presented by the wild, yellow narcissus or the largest continuous wild garlic region in Europe. Early summer is also a good time for nature holidays in the Eifel. The splendour of the blossoms of the semi-arid limestone Eifel does not only make a holidaying botatanist's eyes light up with joy thanks to the rare species of orchids and gentians. No less colourful are the golden yellow blossoms of the broom, also called "Eifelgold", which light up the hillsides of the Vulkaneifel - an unforgettable holiday experience.  A holiday in autumn offers a special type of nature experience; a view over the unmistakable rust-orange moor grass shimmering in the High Fens.

Wildlife in the Eifel.

Find out about the Eifel's wildlife on holiday with your children or together with other nature lovers. Follow the tracks of the Eifel's animal inhabitants with our nature guides.

With a little luck, you will experience on holiday how the beaver actively arranges its habitat as a landscape architect, how the eagle owl flies through the sky like king of the night or how bats go about hunting at night.
We are pleased to present some of the animal species you might meet on your nature experience tours on holiday. Of course, you should know that this is only a extract of the rich and varied flora of the Eifel, which can make your holiday in nature a very special and unique experience. The various nature regions of the Vulkaneifel, Nordeifel and High Fens are the natural habitat to a number of different mammals, birds, insects, fish and even some types of reptiles.
Beaver dam of a European beaver (Castor fiber)

The talented builder called beaver

3 day tour, from 99€ / person

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Plant life in the Eifel

The flora in the Eifel nature experience region is characterised by biodiversity that impresses botanists, nature fans and holidaymaking families with children alike.

The plant life is just as varied as diverse the landscapes of the Vulkaneifel, Rureifel, Nordeifel or the High Fens, which will give you a lively experience during your nature holiday. You will find many characteristic plant species in the stream and river valleys, the semi-arid meadows, juniper heathlands, wet grasslands and around the maars and the moors.
Pristine beechwoods, yellow wild daffodils in bloom, spignel, broom, orchids and gentian the typical vegetation of dried and silted up crater lakes and upland moors, all waiting to be discovered on holiday and in the accompaniment of our nature guides. Here are some of the typical plants of these natural habitats in the Eifel, which we are pleased to present to you and which you will be able to see over the course of your stay here, when taking part in our nature programmes. Of course, you should know that this is only a extract of the rich and varied flora of the Eifel, which can make your holiday in nature a very special and unique experience.
Through the countryside, through time

Through the countryside, through time

4-Day tour, From 440 €/ person

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