The Eifel's deepest blue eye
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Meagre yet lush

The Eifel's deepest blue eye

In-depth insights to the landscape-shaping Eifel ...

The Vulkaneifel is one of the youngest volcanic regions in Central Europe and attracts scientists from all over the world due to its uniqueness, combined with some world famous outcrops.

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Straight through - right inside

The exclusive wilderness trail

The Eifel National Park wilderness trail offers a walking experience through forests and the former Vogelsang army training base including the former national-socialist "Ordensburg". [...]

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Meagre yet lush

The limestone semi-arid grassland habitat

It is actually low on nutrients in the top soils. But this is exactly what makes it rich. The limestone semi-arid grasslands display their blooming variety with plenty of treasures [...]

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Our natural environment

Hardly any other German holiday region or area of natural beauty can offer nature-lovers, tourist groups and families with children such rich and varied landscapes as those of the Eifel.

One of the most extensive natural landscapes of Germany with an area of 5,300 km² (more than twice as large as the neighbouring country of Luxembourg) this upland area presents itself as an attractive holiday and tourist destination with an unparalleled and unique constellation of the most diverse natural areas. Geographically characteristic natural landscapes such as the volcanic Eifel with its small circular-shaped crater lakes called maars, the National Park area in the North Eifel and Rureifel with its river valleys, reservoirs and forests as well as the High Fens, a moorland area just over the border in eastern Belgium, the only one of its kind in Europe; they are all waiting to be discovered by you as part of a holiday programme for families with children or for groups of travellers simply interested in nature.
With our offer of exclusive holiday programmes, in accordance with all aspects of sustainable conservation of the environment, we would like to make the intact nature of the Eifel holiday region part of your holiday experience. The existence of vast protected areas such as the Eifel National Park, the German-Belgian High Fens-Eifel Nature Park and the Nature Park Vulkaneifel shows how highly nature conservation ranks in the holiday regions of the volcanic Eifel and in the areas covered by the national parks and the moors and fens of Eastern Belgium.

Nature conservation is important to us.

Combining an exclusive first-hand experience of nature with practical conservation. That is the guideline for our entertaining holiday programmes, in which we hope to awaken your interest in the beauty of the Eifel and the need to protect it.

Measures to protect the environment which have been taking place in small areas of local regional nature reserves have made it possible keep, or rather restore, the typical natural beauty of the varied landscapes of the Eifel. With our sustainable nature programmes for travellers and holiday guests in our region we hope to awaken interest in the beauty of the areas of natural beauty here and the need to protect them. During your stay here we offer you the exclusive opportunity to visit these protected areas in small groups, accompanied by excellent nature guides who have been specially trained.
Burg Nideggen

Bizarre beauty

1 day tour, From 25 €/ person

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It goes without saying that in all our holiday programmes we always respect the sensitivity of our natural surroundings, the rich and varied species of our fauna and flora in the Eifel region of natural beauty. Whether we go on walking, cycling or GPS tours, use night vision devices for watching nocturnal animals such as bats, owls and beavers or roam the Eifel geocaching, the guideline for our sustainable holiday offers is always combining attractive experiences in a natural environment with practically applied conservation.

We invite you to get to know characteristic natural regions of the Eifel on your holidays, such as the unspoiled beechwoods of the Eifel National Park, the rivers and streams of the areas of outstanding natural beauty around the national park, the semi-arid grasslands and juniper heathlands of the Nordeifel Nature Park, the maar crater lake landscapes of the Vulkaneifel Nature Park and the moors and bogs of the high fens in the Belgian part of the Hohes Venn-Eifel Nature Park.

Nature experience in the national park region

With a National Park and a Nature Park the national park region represents an ideal destination for all who are interested in nature.

The rare, age-old and unspoiled beech woodlands of the Kermeter in the Eifel National Park and in the forest of Bad Muenstereifel in the North Eifel Nature Park represent only two of the many natural highlights in this tourist and holiday region which is also characterised by small swiftly flowing rivers such as the Rur, Urft, Olef, Kall, Perlenbach and Wehebach. In the midst of a natural region where climate and landscape tend to be rather harsh you can find islands of Mediterranean-influenced microclimate such as the red sandstone area of the Rur valley or the semi-arid grasslands and juniper heathlands of the limestone Eifel, which add to the rich variety of the national park region.
Eifel Schild National Park

Eifel-Ardennes expedition

4-Day tour, From 350 €/ person

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Nature experience in the Vulkaneifel

In many places the manifest volcanic heritage of the natural environment gives a very special touch to the area. More than anything else the maar crater lakes, situated in the centre of the Vulkaneifel Nature Park and the Geo-Park Vulkaneifel, belong to the list of favourite destinations of nature-loving visitors and holidaymakers.

In the surroundings of the maar crater lakes, filled with deep blue water, and in the differently developed moorland areas of the dry maar beds, our holiday guests can discover a multitude of varied biotopes and geotopes. A similarly rich variety can be found in the natural environments of the Salm, Lieser and Uessbach rivers. And they are there in the Vulkaneifel as well; the semi-arid grasslands and juniper heathlands, in a landscape which for centuries has also been shaped by man and is so characteristic for the Eifel holiday region.
Volcano Museum

Fire and lava in the Eifel

5-Day tour, From 790 €/ person

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Nature experience in Hohes Venn

Experiencing the natural beauty of the High Fens - a real highlight in many respects.

At 694 metres Botrange is not only the highest elevation in the High Fens but also the highest point in Belgium. Actively experiencing the vast expanse and the unique characteristics of the upland moors of the high fens is guaranteed to bring great delight to the heart of all nature-lovers. Numerous springs are scattered across the seemingly endless moors and heathlands which cover the largest nature reserves of Belgium and belong jointly to the cross-border German-Belgian Hohes Venn-Eifel Nature Park.
Well-being in the High Fens

Well-being in the High Fens

3-Day tour, From 405 €/ person

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