The guides

We promise you: accompanied by one of our nature guides, your nature holidays are guarantee to be a unique and unforgettable nature experience!

Our nature guides

Our nature guides are specially trained nature and landscape guides who convey their love of nature and the knowledge of the Eifel's animals and plants to our holiday guests with huge dedication and contagious enthusiasm.

With a confident feel for the various needs of families with children, travel groups or versed nature specialists, our nature guides accompany our holiday guests on their walking, cycling or GPS tours through the Eifel nature experience region.
Nature guides accompany our holiday guests during the course of the nature programmes, and they themselves live in the various natural environments of the holiday and nature experience region of the Eifel. Our nature guides are not generalists, but specialists, who concentrate precisely on bringing the features of the landscape closer to our holiday guests. Whatever part of the Eifel you explore over the course of your holiday expeditions, we guarantee that you will acquire exclusive first hand knowledge of nature from our nature guides!

Concentrated expert knowledge from local people

The specialist training undertaken by our nature guides is as varied as our nature experience programmes. Depending on the main focuses, biologists or geologists, natural historians or nature guides versed in cultural-historical aspects pass on their expert knowledge to our holiday guests.

Beyond all boundaries of expertise, our nature guides of course possess many years of experience in guiding tourist groups interested in natural science, geology and cultural history. Thanks to their concentrated expert knowledge you can be rest assured that our nature guides will be able to answer any of your questions. We promise that no question concerning the Eifel nature experience region will remain unanswered on your nature holiday!
Naturally our nature guides are also technically up-to-date. It goes without saying that our nature experience offers also include GPS tours and geocaching rambles through the natural environment of the Eifel. Our nature guides give plenty of tips on the correct use of GPS equipment, which are of benefit not just to newcomers to GPS but also to guests experienced in GPS. In view of the great enthusiasm for the technical possibilities of GPS navigation, consideration for the sensitivity of nature is also a top priority during GPS tours and geocaching rambles.
National Park discovery days

National Park discovery days

3-Day tour, From 122 €/ person

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Accompanied by our nature guides, families with children, travel groups and nature enthusiasts learn much about the special features of the landscape and the flora and fauna of the Eifel holiday and nature experience region, which may be hidden even from holiday guests with knowledge of nature. Not every beech forest is the same, and even plants that look inconspicuous at first glance, such as orchids, may turn out to be rare treasures when looked at more closely. The same applies to the richness in species of the insect world, whose fascinating details can only be discovered upon closer inspection. Why even apparently natural landscapes may be cultural landscapes shaped by man and why not every maar volcano can be identified as such - these are all questions our nature guides will gladly answer for you in detail.

We are pleased to introduce you to our nature guides

Our nature guides are carefully trained countryside guides who are deeply rooted in their home region. They give each of our nature experience programmes an individual touch with their very personal enthusiasm for the Eifel's nature.

Alfred Graff
Alois Mayer
Andrea Conen
Andreas Schneider
Angelika Mereien
Anika Poetschke
Arnim Pietralla
Birger Führ
Brunhilde Rings
Carine Taffein
Christine Fischer-Ovelhey
Christoph Heymann

Dorita Molter-Frensch
Dr. Martin Koziol
Dr. Olaf Denz
Dr. Peter Bitschene
Elisabeth Udelhoven
Erich Schmidt
Frank Reuter
Gotthard Kirch
Hanspeter Mußler
Helmi Düren
Hildegard Coenen
Irene Sartoris

Irmgard Holtkotte
Johannes Munkler
Klaus-Josef Mark
Lutz Dalbeck
Maria Hinz
Marietta Schmitz
Marita Mosebach-Amrhein
Mechteld Bertram
Petra Denter
Regina Parge-Ahrling
Ria Lambregts
Uta Splettstößer