Dormice, woodruff and orchids

Dormice, woodruff and orchids

Experiencing nature with all the senses

We can only conserve what we know. Environmental awareness therefore needs lively contact with nature. You will find out that this can be achieved with ease at any age and lots of fun [...]

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Dormice, woodruff and orchids

Experiencing nature with all the senses; nature experience weekend for families

Two days of the hunting bug in the Eifel. Families who have already been infected by the digital treasure hunt virus or who want to try this type of modern treasure hunt are invited to join us. We familiarise us with the GPS equipment and rules of the game before we start.
Nordeifel tourism

This tour has been designed by Nordeifel Tourismus GmbH .

Then it's time to check the coordinates, look for hidden clues, solve the riddles and, once everything is right, dig up the treasure. Geocaching is not just a challenge for the brain and technology, but is also an intensive and sensory nature experience. We navigate you to special natural phenomena, places and views in the Eifel National Park and its surroundings. Digging up the treasure often starts a new story. Use the stethoscope you have found as the "tree treasure" to listen to the trees' voices or a piece of coal could lead you to a time with smoking piles. A playful familiarisation with the National Park region, time to enjoy the beauty and a varied fringe programme - a nature experience par excellence for adults and children alike!

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The services

We have put the following services together for you. Between 10 and a maximum of 15 people can take part.

1 night accommodation
with full board
Hellenthal youth hostel
The perfect choice for adventurous families; your children will quickly find friends here.
Guided tours with our nature guide
We won't leave you stranded
Our nature guide accompanies you to the highlights of the nature region. He is always there for you if you have any questions and wishes.
Alternative A: guided tour of the coal piles
Guaranteed to be a heated experience of nature
The visit to the coal piles introduces you to the secrets of the charcoal trade and production of charcoal.
Alternative B: bat excursion with experts
Hunters in the dark
Our experts take you on an exciting trip to the secretive world of nocturnal bats.